raumbezug ...

A map based on OSM-data
generated with the Mapserver

... is since 2006 engaged in analyzing and displaying geospatial data.

Since 2009 raumbezug works mainly with OpenStreetMap-Data. The reasons are quit simple: The amount of data is growing and growing and the licence (Open Database Licence (ODbL) 1.0) is realy user-friendly.

Now OSM-Data is very suitable for building road and general maps. For example generating maps for real estate memos.

For getting more and more data into the OpenStreetMap database, raumbezug supports the OSM-Project by receiving nearly daily updated OSM-Maps for Garmin-GPS-Devices on this site. In addition to maps for germany you can get maps for more than 100 countries.


Torsten Teubert

Schützenstr. 1

30161 Hannover